Eclipse Planning Resources

The following information has been published by the Eastern Idaho Public Health Department. Please refer to it if you plan to host a large event for the Eclipse.



All waste must be disposed of in approved facilities.  Options include:

  •  Existing approved facilities capable of meeting the needs of the event to include public and private restrooms.
  •  RV Dump Stations. Visit site for RV dump station locations by state.

 Portable Sanitation Units

 New/additional on-site sewage disposal facilities (i.e. standard disposal systems, vault toilets, pit privies, RV dump stations, etc.)


  •  Public water systems should be reviewed to ensure they have been properly operated and maintained, and inspected as required, by the regulatory authority.

  • Other than factory sealed bottled water, care should be taken when providing water from private sources.  Private well owners are encouraged to conduct bacteria and nitrate testing routinely and prior to the distribution of water at any event.


Event planning must contain appropriate procedures and allocated resources for the collection, storage, transportation, and final disposal of all solid waste. Where feasible, source reduction and on-site/off-site recycling should be considered.


All food provided to the public (sold or given) must come from an approved source and food vendors properly licensed.

  •  Vendors providing food must either have an Idaho Food Establishment License covering the specific event or a completed Idaho Cottage Food/Low Risk Food Assessment.
  •  Typically, vendors apply for/receive a temporary event food license for the event they attend.  The application must be received by EIPH at least two weeks prior to the event. Intermittent%20Food%20Application%202016BW.pdf
  •  Some food that is not time/temperature controlled for safety and meets the conditions stipulated in the Idaho Food Code for either cottage food or low risk food may qualify for a Cottage Food/Low Risk Food Assessment. FBN%20BW.pdf
  •   All food vendors should contact EIPH early in the event planning process to determine the licensing/assessment requirements.
  •  Event planners should receive copies of the license or assessment before allowing food vendors to participate in the event.
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