Private Property Rental Information Request

Property owners who will be renting their property for the 2017 Eclipse during the weeks of August 14th to August 25th, and who’s property is within Madison County, or the Cities of Rexburg and Sugar City, please fill out and submit the Public Gathering Permits below. If you live within the City of Rexburg, and are planning on hosting 25 people or more, please fill out the City of Rexburg Public Gathering Permit. If you live in the County (incorporated Madison County), and are planning on hosting 100 people or more, please fill out the Madison County Public Gathering Permit.

If you are renting a house, or rooms in a home, apartment, or any other type of single family residence or apartment, please DO NOT use these forms.

Planning on Renting Your Property for the Eclipse? Here Are Some Items to Consider

Public Gathering Permits

The City of Rexburg requires individuals to fill out a Public Gathering Permit for events of 25 people or more. Madison County requires that events of more than 100 people fill out a County Public Gathering Permit.


Property owners must insure that there is sufficient room for parking on their premise for any camping, RV’s and other Eclipse related events. No on street parking will be allowed.

Recommended Space for RV’s

It is recommended that property owners allocate 2,500 square feet for every one (1) RV.

Quiet Hours

Property owners are responsible to ensure that quiet hours are enforced on their property. City of Rexburg Quiet Hours: 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.

Insurance, Contracts and Laws

Property owners are encouraged to verify that their properties carry the proper insurance (supplemental, event, liability, etc.) and that all uses comply with any encumbrances on their property, as well as all state and local statutes.


Property owners are responsible for advertising their property.

Rules and Rental Agreements

Property owners are encouraged to write and post rules and regulations for their property. Property Owners are also encouraged to create and have signed appropriate Rental Agreements.

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