Eclipse Vendor Registration Form

General Restrictions (City of Rexburg)

Ordinance 1027: “Vendors, solicitors, and temporary merchants shall keep the area of operation free of debris. Vendors selling food or beverages must provide trash receptacles and waste removal adjacent to or as a part of their operations. All spilled food, beverages, grease, or other trash or debris accumulating within twenty (20) feet of any mobile vending cart, trailer or vehicle shall be cleaned and collected by the vendor and deposited in the vendor’s trash receptacle. The vendor is prohibited from depositing its waste, ice, and any grey or waste water into sidewalk waste receptacles, privately owned dumpster, City planters, gutters or the street drainage system.”

“Mobile vending carts, trailers, or vehicles shall be maintained in such a manner that prevents the spilling or splattering of grease, water, food, or trash on any public right-of-way where the cart, trailer or vehicle is located. The cart, trailer, or vehicle owner shall be responsible for the cleaning and repair of any public right-of-way soiled, stained, or damaged by the placement and operation of their mobile vending operations.”

“Street vending is prohibited if it impedes pedestrian or vehicular traffic. The City Clerk may require a vehicular traffic impact assessment if traffic congestion becomes an issue.”

“Sidewalk Vending: Mobile vending carts and trailers are prohibited from selling within non-approved areas including residential areas. Approved mobile vending areas are designated by resolution and they are displayed on the city’s zoning map; otherwise all approved locations can be obtained at the City Clerk’s office at 35 North 1st East, Rexburg Id. 83440.”

“No person shall use a mobile vending cart while engaged in sidewalk vending within the Commercial Zones without displaying thereon, in a conspicuous manner, all applicable license or registrations and permits.”

If you would like to be a vendor at one of the events in Rexburg, please use the button below.

If you would like to be a vendor in Sugar City, please call the City of Sugar City, City Hall at: 208-356-7561

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